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SURF 35 08PE





By significantly reducing the weight, the flight distance, operability, and power are sublimated in a high balance.
Covers medium and short distances. The immovable ace "TOURNAMENT SURF 35" that plays an active part
in the tournament scene where one fish and one g compete. Equipped with waterproof and durable technology
"Magshield" and "Magshield ball bearing" on the line roller, it has evolved into a tough reel that has never been
seen before. The powerful and silky winding comfort is unique to the high-rigidity housing made by ZAION.
The aluminum machine-cut digital gear is placed at the center of the drive, and combined with the high-grip
T-shape plage knob, smooth winding is achieved. A large diameter 2 ‹ taper spool is used to minimize line
troubles even when using a thick PE line. It is also effective in recentbfishing, which uses a lot of light float sinkers.
The 08 / 15PE is equipped with a PE-dedicated aluminum spool that is 35%b(* 1) lighter than the conventional model,
and the tackle balance has also greatly evolved. 35QD is a versatile spec that can be used regardless of nylon or PE.
Don't miss the special 85mm long handle setting. Not only cross wrap that suppresses line troubles, but also
Twist Buster II and a thread drop prevention mechanism are available. A specialty model that was born to play
an active role in the tournament scene.

* 1: 06 Tournament Surf 35 Comparison

Technology details
For throwing fishing only. It is an extremely special spinning reel that
has refined material engineering and researched the ultimate form of
lightness and flight distance. It has a wide caliber and a unique spool
shape that inclines forward to increase the flight distance,
and the spool is projected more to reduce the load of line emission
to increase the stroke amount. At the same time, it was also a genre
in which the technology of devising countermeasures against water
and salt that inevitably invaded the interior of the engine, parts and
bodies that were significantly lighter, was required. Under these
circumstances, it is no exaggeration to say that the equipment
of "Magshield", which is incorporated as a waterproof and dustproof
"wall" today, was born from a revolutionary progress in this genre.
The center of the "Mag Shield" set to surround the inside
of the rotor is the "Mag Oil", which has the property of reacting
to magnetic force, born from the shield technology of space suits.
The smoothness due to the oil keeps the sense of rotation with zero friction while throwing, rusting (searching),
and rolling. The fact that an oil film made of "mag oil" continues to protect seawater and dust from entering
the engine inside the rotor, which is constantly winding the handle. It protects the inside with the goal of universality.
The more you roll it up and the more you use it, the more you can experience its ability.

‘ MAGSEALED BALL BEARING * Line roller section

The revolution in endurance technology is to ball bearings, small parts that have a significant impact on reel rotation.
DAIWA succeeded in making the ball bearing itself a mug shield for the first time in the world with its own technology.
The magnetic liquid wall prevents water and foreign matter from entering the ball bearing, maintaining the original light
and smooth performance of the ball bearing, without the help of packing, etc., rust, salt shavings, and abnormal noise.
Is greatly eliminated. It has dramatically improved waterproofness and durability, making it possible to maintain initial
performance for a long period of time.


An air rotor with an epoch-making structure that can be called the
"rotor revolution". Optimal rim structure improves rotor durability
by distributing the load. As a result, the weight is reduced by about 15%
at the same time with the same strength. By improving the rotor balance,
it also contributes to further improvement of the rotation feel.
Daiwa's original "DS5 (fiber reinforced special plastic for reels)" is used as the material.


It is a carbon resin woven with carbon fiber at high density,
and has the characteristics of being light, strong, and resistant
to corrosion. A material that makes the impossible
possible by exceeding magnesium in weight specific strength.
It is used for main parts such as the body and rotor, and
contributes to the realization of the antinomy of high rigidity and light weight.

‘ Quick Drag (* QD model only)

Drag function that can be loosened and tightened by turning the drag knob
about once. For example, when performing a long-distance fishing rod
fishing method, the rod or reel may be pulled into the water if the drag
is tightened. On the other hand, if you loosen the drag, it will take time
to exchange (tighten the drag) when it is hung, and it may fall apart.
With a quick drag, you can loosen the drag until it hangs, and then you can
quickly tighten the drag after it hangs, so you won't have to deal with it.

Functions / specifications Features
DS5 (rotor material) Fiber-reinforced special plastic for reels created
by Daiwa's original technology.
Aluminum machine cut handle
High-rigidity machine-cut handle that provides a stable winding feeling.
Folding type with excellent portability.
Duralumin forged machine cut tough digital gear by Daiwa's original
digital design technology and high precision machine cut processing
creates a smooth and powerful retrieve feeling.
Crosswrap Accurate winding is an important factor that reduces line troubles.
"Cross wrap" adopts a twillwinding method with a large winding thread angle,
and is a method of cross winding to prevent
the line from biting into the spool winding part and the thread from shifting.
Especially when using fine yarn or PE line, the reduction of line trouble
is remarkable, and at the same time, comfortable flight is realized.
AIRBAIL The smooth bale shape with no unevenness that allows the line to flow
to the line roller dramatically reduces thread rattling trouble. Furthermore,
by making it a hollow structure, the weight is not changed and the strength
is greatly increased.
Twist Buster‡U By taping the line roller and rolling the line, the thread twist generated
by the rotation of the rotor is offset. The thread twist, which is said
to be the fate of spinning reels, has been largely eliminated.
Achieve comfortable fishing by drastically reducing line troubles.
Shower washable Shower washable Can be washed with running water.
(Maintenance according to the instruction manual is required after cleaning)
Cast lock manual return When the bale is opened during casting, the rotor rotation is locked
to prevent accidental bale reversal during casting. In consideration
of safety, the bale will be returned manually by a
manual return method.
Thread drop prevention mechanism Equipped with a line guard sliding type thread drop prevention
mechanism to prevent the line from falling off the spool and
getting caught between the spool and the rotor.
CRBB number / total BB number 3/8

Specification table
Handle 1
Line capacity Bearing Price
Nylon Line
PE Line
BB roller
08PE 4.1 87 410 15.0 -
PE 0.8-250m
PE 1.0-200m

8/1 JPY52,316 00059388
15PE 4.1 87 410 15.0 -
PE 1.5-250m
PE 2-200m

8/1 JPY52,316 00059389
QD 12lb type 4.1 87 465 15.0 12lb-200m
PE 1.5-250m
PE 2-200m

8/1 JPY54,120 00059390

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