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Full standard approaching the limit of long-distance casting. High precisionand
high durability 45 mm. Full standard high grade that inherits the DNA of Tournament 45.

A 45mm stroke throw fishing machine equipped with a mag shield that has both
flight distance and durability. High-precision, high-durability air metal body with
a light rotation response and a personal rotor. The smooth rotation of the initial
movement continues for a long time in synergy with the mag shield,
which is a waterproof and dustproof wall. It meets all the qualities of "45mm throwing only"
such as a screw-in handle without backlash and compatibility of drag and non-drag model spools.
In addition to PE0.6 and PE1.5, nylon 5 with QD quick drag is available.

Daiwa's waterproof and durable technology "MAGSEA LED"
For throwing fishing only. It is an extremely special spinning reel that has refined material engineering
and researched the ultimate form of lightness and flight distance. It has a wide caliber and a unique
spool shape that inclines forward to increase the flight distance, and the spool is projected more
to reduce the load of line emission to increase the stroke amount. At the same time, it was also
a genre in which the technology of devising measures against water and salt that
inevitably invaded the interior of the engine, parts and bodies that were significantly lighter,
was required. Under these circumstances, it is no exaggeration to say that the equipment
of "Magshield", which is incorporated as a waterproof and dustproof "wall" today, was born from
a revolutionary progress in this genre. The center of the "Mag Shield" set to surround the inside
of the rotor is "Mag Oil", which has the property of reacting to magnetic force,
born from the shield technology of space suits. The smoothness due to the oil is throwing,
rusting (searching), and rolling while maintaining a sense of rotation with zero friction.
The fact that an oil film made of "mag oil" continues to protect seawater and dust from entering
the engine inside the rotor, which is constantly winding the handle. It protects the inside with
the goal of universality. The more you roll it up and the more you use it,
the more you can experience its abilities.

ZAION lightweight rotor
The unique optimum rim structure distributes the load, achieving
significant weight reduction with the same strength.
The weight reduction of the rotor not only reduces
its own weight, but also contributes to the winding sensitivity
of the reel itself by improving the rotational response.
It is possible to collect information that has not been transmitted
so far, such as the condition of the seabed and slight atari, which helps to improve
the fishing results. The material is Daiwa's original high-density carbon material
"ZAION" that exceeds magnesium in rigidity and lightness. Carbon fiber was
folded into engineering plastic (resin) at the highest possible density to achieve
its rigidity and lightness. In throw fishing, the contribution to the adoption of a rotor that
winds up a large-diameter spool is enormous, and since the initial rotation is light,
it can be stopped and moved instantly. Lightweight and rigid winding is possible.

Airmetal body

A special magnesium material that enables weight reduction.
DAIWA's original special anticorrosion treatment is applied
to magnesium alloy, which is usually considered to be sensitive
to salt water, to achieve high operability
and high sensitivity in all fields.

Quick Drag

Drag function that can be loosened and tightened by turning the
drag knob about once. For example, when performing a long-distance
fishing rod fishing method, the rod or reel may be pulled into the
water if the drag is tightened. On the other hand, if you loosen
the drag, it will take time to exchange (tighten the drag) when
it is hung, and it may fall apart. With Quick Drag, you can loosen
the drag until it hangs, and then you can quickly tighten the drag
after it hangs, so you won't have to deal with it.

Functions / specifications Features
Aluminum machine cut handle
High-rigidity machine-cut handle that provides a stable
winding feeling. Folding type with excellent portability.
DIGIDEARU Daiwa's original digital design technology "Digi Gear"
has evolved further. In order to realize the ideal tooth
surface derived by digital analysis, we have adopted ultra-high
precision machine cutting technology to achieve tooth surface
accuracy that is several times higher than that of forged gears.
Durability is improved by applying special lapping processing
to the drive gear and optimally balancing the pinion gear
and drive gear.
LINEAR SHAFT By making the pinion gear and main shaft non-contact type,
power loss due to friction is eliminated and light rotation
is realized even under high load.
Crosswrap Accurate winding is an important factor that reduces
line troubles. "Cross wrap" adopts a twillwinding method
with a large winding thread angle, and is a method of
cross winding to prevent the line from biting into the spool
winding part and the thread from shifting. Especially when
using fine yarn or PE line, the reduction of line trouble
is remarkable, and at the same time, comfortable flight is realized.
AIRBAIL The smooth bale shape with no unevenness that allows
the line to flow to the line roller dramatically reduces
thread rattling trouble. Furthermore, by making it a hollow
structure, the weight is not changed and the strength
is greatly increased.
Twist BusterU By taping the line roller and rolling the line, the thread
twist generated by the rotation of the rotor is offset.
The thread twist, which is said to be the fate of
spinning reels, has been largely eliminated. Achieve
comfortable fishing by drastically reducing line troubles.
Shower washable Shower washable Can be washed with running water.
(Maintenance according to the instruction manual
is required after cleaning)
Cast lock manual return When the bale is opened during casting, the rotor rotation
is locked to prevent accidental bale reversal during casting.
In consideration of safety, the bale will be returned manually
by a manual return method.
INFINITE Stopper A stopper that instantly stops the reversal of the reel
with the frictional force of the rollers. Achieves
a comfortable operation feeling with a tight feeling
without backlash or play.
CRBB Durability is further improved than the conventional CRBB.
The potential of the reel is improved by properly using
the normal BB, CRBB, and new CRBB in the right place.

Specification table
Handle 1
Line capacity Bearing Price
Nylon Line
PE Line
BB roller
06PE 4.1 84 400 8.0 5lb-200m
PE 0.6-250m
PE 0.8-200m

8/1 JPY 51,233 00059370
15PE 4.1 82 395 8.0 12lb-200m
PE 1.5-250m
PE 2-200m

8/1 JPY 51,233 00059371
20lb type
4.1 88 465 15.0 20lb-200m
PE 3-250m
PE 4-180m

8/1 JPY 53,037 00059372

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