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4500 ENTO

Pioneer new sensation basket fishing with light tackle. Lightweight and compact basket-only machine.
The popular short stroke basket long throw reel has been renewed with a new thread drop prevention
mechanism. Equipped with a power T knob, powerful winding is possible even when interacting with red
sea bream and small blue objects. Furthermore, with "ATD" installed, it is safe to interact with big players.

ZAION body x 25mm stroke
ZAION is used for the body to reduce the weight of the entire body.
At the same time, the spool has been thoroughly reduced in weight,
which greatly affects the tackle balance. The compact surf reel unique
to the 25mm stroke supports comfortable throwing fishing.

Equipped with a new thread drop prevention mechanism
(further evolved from the conventional mechanism)

The short skirt spool, which has many line troubles, is equipped with a unique thread drop suppression
mechanism. Suppresses intrusion to the main shaft. Uses a structure that winds around the spool when
thread falls. It became possible to loosen and pull out the drag while keeping the closed veil, and the trouble
recovery was improved.
* Caution: If you cannot recover by the above method, remove the spool to release the line entanglement.

Spool compatibility
"Spool compatibility" is also mentioned as an advantage in Daiwa Kago reel. In long-distance
basket casting, the main line is frequently replaced depending on the situation, so spool
compatibility is one of the indispensable functions.
* A part of compatibility is maintained by installing a new thread drop prevention mechanism.


Daiwa's unique waterproof structure that shuts out the intrusion of seawater
and dust by creating a magnetic oil wall in the gap between the body
and rotor. Since the body and rotor are non-contact, the initial rotation
performance is maintained for a long time while maintaining light and
smooth rotation. Most of the causes of rotating noise are the intrusion
of salt shavings and foreign substances. Except for cases where the reel
is accidentally dropped into water, he rotation noise generation rate of the
mag-shielded reel is significantly reduced. Moreover, this ratio is appearing
in the data as a larger difference overtime. This means that the longer
you use it, the more effective it will be. In other words, it is a proof that
the dustproof and waterproof ability of Magshield is at a very high level.

ATD [Automatic drag system]

A new generation drag system that keeps working while smoothly following
the pull of fish. Since it starts off more smoothly than before, it is hard
to break the line, and it is hard to give a sense of discomfort to the fish,
so it is less likely to run wild. In addition, there is a peculiar stickiness
in the operation feeling, and it is less likely that you can run at once
even with a low drag setting value, and the frequency of drag
readjustment during fighting is reduced, so you can concentrate on fighting.


An air rotor with a structure that can be called a rotor revolution.
The optimum rim structure with a unique shape distributes the load,
resulting in significant weight reduction with the same strength.
The rotor balance has also been improved, achieving a light rotation
with good response.


An air rotor with an epoch-making structure that can be called the
"rotor revolution". Optimal rim structure improves rotor durability
by distributing the load. As a result, the weight is reduced by about 15%
at the same time with the same strength. By improving the rotor balance,
it also contributes to further improvement of the rotation feel.
Daiwa's original "DS5 (fiber reinforced special plastic for reels)"
is used as the material.


Daiwa's original digital design technology "Digi Gear" has evolved further.
In order to realize the ideal tooth surface derived by digital analysis,
we have adopted ultra-high precision machine cutting technology
to achieve tooth surface accuracy that is several times higher than that
of forged gears. Durability is improved by applying special lapping processing
to the drive gear and optimally balancing the pinion gear and drive gear.

Functions / specifications Features
DS5 (rotor material) Fiber-reinforced special plastic for reels created
by Daiwa's original technology.
Aluminum machine cut handle
High-rigidity machine-cut handle that provides a stable winding feeling.
Folding type with excellent portability.
Crosswrap Accurate winding is an important factor that reduces line troubles.
"Cross wrap" adopts a twillwinding method with a large winding thread angle,
and is a method of cross winding to prevent
the line from biting into the spool winding part and the thread from shifting.
Especially when using fine yarn or PE line, the reduction of line trouble
is remarkable, and at the same time, comfortable flight is realized.
AIRBAIL The smooth bale shape with no unevenness that allows the line to flow
to the line roller dramatically reduces thread rattling trouble. Furthermore,
by making it a hollow structure, the weight is not changed and the strength
is greatly increased.
Twist BusterU By taping the line roller and rolling the line, the thread twist generated
by the rotation of the rotor is offset. The thread twist, which is said
to be the fate of spinning reels, has been largely eliminated.
Achieve comfortable fishing by drastically reducing line troubles.
Shower washable Shower washable Can be washed with running water.
(Maintenance according to the instruction manual is required after cleaning)
Cast lock manual return When the bale is opened during casting, the rotor rotation is locked
to prevent accidental bale reversal during casting. In consideration
of safety, the bale will be returned manually by a
manual return method.
New line drop prevention mechanism Prevents troubles when the line falls off the spool and gets caught between
the spool and the rotor.
CRBB number / total BB number 0/1

Specification table
Handle 1
Line capacity Bearing Price
Nylon Line
PE Line
BB roller
4500 ENTO 4.7 96 430 12.0

PE 4-250m
PE 5-170m

6/1 JPY 22,910 00065701
5000 ENTO 4.7 96 430 12.0

PE 4-350m
PE 5-240m

6/1 JPY 23,361 00065702

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