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Enjoy the infinite field to the fullest! gShooth Castism 25
Pursuing the performance required for castism targeting various fish species.
Equipped with an aluminum machine-cut tough digital gear to improve durability.
A screw-in type handle is used to thoroughly eliminate backlash. In addition,
we have achieved further improvement in casting performance by reducing
the overall weight by adopting a lighter spool. The specifications are even more
encouraging for casting and retrieval, which is repeated many times. Two types
of drag are available: quick drag, which is effective for fishing rods, and ATD,
which operates smoothly even when pulled unexpectedly. The spool is equipped
with a line memory that allows you to see the type of wound line at a glance,
and is equipped with a line clip that is compatible with power threads
and thick leaders to improve comfort.

Technology details
Daiwa's unique waterproof structure
that shuts out the intrusion of seawater and dust
by creating a magnetic oil wall in the gap between
the body and rotor. Since the body and rotor are
non-contact, the initial rotation performance
is maintained for a long time while maintaining
light and smooth rotation. Most of the causes
of rotating noise are the intrusion of salt shavings
and foreign substances. Except for cases where the reel is accidentally
dropped intowater, the rotation noise generation rate of the mag-shielded
reel is significantly reduced. Moreover, this ratio is appearing inthe data
as a larger difference over time. This means that the longer youuse it,
the more effective it will be. In other words, it is a proof that the dustproof
and waterproof ability of the mug shield is at a very high level.

An air rotor with a structure that can be called
a rotor revolution. By distributing the load with
the optimal rim structure of a unique shape,
the strength is the same as before and the weight
is significantly reduced. The rotor balance is also
improved, resulting in responsive rotation.


A new generation drag system that keeps working while smoothly
following the pull of fish. Since it starts off more smoothly than
before, it is hard to break the line, and it is hard to give a sense
of discomfort to the fish, so it is less likely to run wild. In addition,
there is a peculiar stickiness in the operation feeling, and it is less
likely that you can run at once even with a low drag setting value, and the
frequency of drag readjustment during fighting is reduced, so you can
concentrate on fighting.

A carbon resin woven with carbon fiber at a high density,
a material that makes the impossible possible by exceeding
magnesium in weight specificstrength. It is used in the
main parts of reels by taking advantage of its ideal
characteristics of high rigidity, light weight, and resistance
to corrosion unlike metal.

Quick Drag (* QD model only)
Drag function that can be loosened and tightened by turning
the drag knob about once. For example, when performing
a long-distance fishing rod fishing method, the rod or reel
may be pulled into the water if the drag is tightened. On the
other hand, if you loosen the drag, it will take time to exchange
(tighten the drag) when it is hung, and it may fall apart.
With a quick drag, you can loosen the drag until it hangs, and then you can
quickly tighten the drag after it hangs, so you won't have to deal with it.

Specification table
Handle 1
Line capacity Bearing Price
Nylon Line (lb-m)
PE Line(PE-m) BB roller
15PE 4.7 94 405 12.0

PE 1.5-200m
PE 2-150m

6/1 JPY 27,600 00067201
QD 4.7 94 410 12.0

PE 1.5-200m
PE 2-150m

6/1 JPY 27,600 00067202

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