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MQ Body will take the reel to the next level

Up until 20 Saltiga, reel bodies consisted of two key elements
known as a body and body cover.
The MQ System does not require a body cover, it allows
an Engine plate to screw on direct to the body.
Therefore, the body no longer has a need for body
cover screws, this development allows
a larger diameter drive gear to be fitted providing
the reel with more power.

The Larger Diameter Drive Gear

Being able to trust your reel while in use becomes
a major advantage for an angler. The larger diameter
and the added thickness will reduce the amount
of wear including twist and deformation to the drive
and also to the pinion gears. In comparison
to 15 Saltiga, it is more than double the strength.

The aim is to create perfect water resistance
From the first Saltiga, a water resistance system has been a must have technology.
Starting off with rubber sealing, evolving to the way of Magseal system then the addition
of Magseal bearings. Now with the MQ Body system, 20 Saltiga has finally obtained perfect
a water resistance system.

After a great success of Magseal, Daiwa has decided to install
the Magseal system into a ball bearing. By adding the fluid,
it creates a magnetic seal within the bearings to support and
reduce the amount of saltwater intrusion. Instead of the use
of rubber seals, its far more effective and creates smoother spin
of the reel. In 20 Saltiga, Daiwa has installed the Magseal bearings
on each side of drive gear just like 15 Saltiga. This structure will
protect the internals of the reels and eliminate intrusion
of saltwater.


Out of all the components within the reel, the Line Roller takes
the most damage from the salt, sand and other elements
your line picks up whilst fishing. By adding the Magseal bearing
into the line roller assembly, it makes the roller remain smooth
and extends its life. The long life of the Magseal line roller bearing
system will decrease the amount of line troubles whilst fishing.

The aluminum air rotor
The aluminum air rotor is more than double the strength compared to the 15 Saltiga.
It is also 1.5 times more durable compared the original Saltiga (2002 Model).
The test results of the rotor strength.The test put the same amount
of force through both rotors,Shown in the images, 15 Saltiga has taken
an impact around the bail arm/wire section.(Highly impacted part
of the rotor is shown in Red)In comparison, AL Air Rotor on 15 Saltiga
is more red compared to the 20 Saltiga.

The aluminum air rotor is more than double the strength compared
to the 15 Saltiga.It is also 1.5 times more durable compared
AL Air Rotor on original Saltiga (2002 Model).

In comparison to 15 Saltiga Drag washer, it is more than 10 times stronger and less likely
to burn out quick. We have added more drag washers, which means workload gets spread
evenly across the drag stack. By designing the washers with a slightly smaller diameter,
it runs a lot smoother. Smaller means the per drag washer Max Drag Kg will decrease
but we have solved that issues by adding more washers.
Aluminum Radiation Drag Knob with large diameter
improves heat dissipation and operability.

Spool's temperture after releasing drag.
Improved heat dissipation reduces washer burn-in
and reduces line degradation due to heat.

In comparison to 15 SALTIGA which has 6 washers,
20 SALTIGA has add more 14 washers.

8000-P 0 The specialty of this reel is PE3-4 Jigging.
It will accommodate all types of jigging techniques.

8000-H High gear with powerful crank. Mainly suitable for PE3-4,
perfect for casting or jigging inshore and offshore.

10000-P PE4-5 and can spool up to 300m of PE5.
This little powerhouse is perfect for jigging deeper water for bigger pelagics.

10000-H Minimum PE5, built to suit Kingfish or Tuna SW Casting Game.

14000-P Ideal for PE5-6 with deep jigging.
If you are chasing Kingfish or Amberjack, this is the reel for you.

14000-XH Minimum PE6, can take up to PE8. Great cast-ability,
speed and also torque. This reel has it all. Perfect for someone targeting GT,
Tuna and Kingfish.

18000-P Ideal for PE6-8 deep jigging with slow pitch or power jerk motion involved.
Suitable for targeting truly giant fish in all areas of the globe.

18000-H</TD> Designed for someone who would like to use heavy line yet would like to gain the distance casting.
PE8 300m on LC ABS is definitely for the angler who is chasing giants.

20000-H Made for anglers to target the biggest Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna. Line capacity,
torque and speed, this reel has it all. The largest one of the series.
Perfectly balanced specs will blow your mind.

Specification table

Handle 1
Line capacity
PE Line(PE-m)
Bearing Price
BB roller
8000-P 4.8 92 645 25.0
PE 3-400m
PE 4-300m

12/1 JPY 107,338 00065001
8000-H 5.8 111 655 25.0
PE 3-400m
PE 4-300m

12/1 JPY 107,338 00065002
10000-P 4.8 98 645 25.0
PE 4-400m
PE 5-300m

12/1 JPY 107,338 00065003
10000-H 5.8 118 655 25.0
PE 4-400m
PE 5-300m

12/1 JPY 107,338 00065004
14000-P 4.8 104 655 25.0
PE 5-400m
PE 6-300m

12/1 JPY 107,338 00065005
14000-XH 6.2 134 655 25.0
PE 5-400m
PE 6-300m

12/1 JPY 107,338 00065006
18000-P 4.5 101 875 30.0
PE 6-400m
PE 8-300m

12/1 JPY 117,079 00065007
18000-H 5.8 131 885 30.0
PE 6-400m
PE 8-300m

12/1 JPY 117,079 00065008
20000-H 5.8 143 890 30.0
PE 8-400m
PE 10-300m

12/1 JPY 117,079 00065009

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