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Daiwa  Sky SURF T 30-425EK
Sky SURF T 30-425EK

The real drawing surf rod which adopted super high-density SVF carbon

It is adoption with super high density SVF carbon embodying for the tension that inherits DNA of the red surf, and is thin, and is light, and is sharp. Real specifications of the true fishing drawing that attaches idling K guide handling nylon, handling of smooth thread for all PE, and can support every target fish flexibly. The big game-oriented caster who included the latest technology of Daiwa including the adoption of X45 preventing torsion is one rod of the assent.


0 degrees .45 degrees .90 degrees bends it for an end of a rod each, and the winding angle of the carbon fiber has the biggest elasticity for cu torsion. When I make a middle angle like other X structure, it causes the power loss because each elasticity is low. In addition, considerable weight up is necessary to let you show the power that is equal to "X45" at an angle of the middle. It is the most suitable structure that "X45" adopting three high angles of the coefficient of elasticity most prevents the transformation of the rod and improves power, operability, sensitivity (I change a name of it to "X45" from "X torque" as a world common trademark)

Tension becomes too much strong, and the patch part of the pole supports it by all means to have two knobs and coming at the same time and causes power loss without turning smoothly. I lose a support by adopting Daiwa's original bias structure cross in the patch part, and the V-joint realizes the beautiful curve such as the dress rod. Because there is not unnecessary power loss, and blank original power is drawn, the speed of the return from tension, the curve of power, the pole largely improves it in comparison with a thing of non-deployment. As a result, I bring about Sq, delicacy ideal and exquisite balance of the strength.

High-density SVF carbon
In a carbon sheet controlling rod performance most, lightweighting, a power-up, on the small side realizes becoming it by reducing resin (resin) quantity, and doing carbon fiber

The specifications details

yIdling K guidez
For a guide leg foot designed briefly,
lines always combine good points along
the rods with it.

yFine pace guide lockz
I prevent the guide circumference, guide omission.
The equipment that is required for a strong swing,
the operation with the big game rod.
With the convenient laying upon mark
(#2 increases sulcular breadth).

yStainless steel board sheetz
.Be superior to rust prevention characteristics
and it is simple and is solid.
The large arm throw reel maintains it well,
too and prevents wobble.

yLittle sensor touch gripz
I greatly contribute to comfortable pole operation
for the grip feeling in the cast, a steady hold sense.
Top Dia
Butt Dia
Debut on
Mar 16'
25-405EK 4.05 4 116 350 2.2
22.0 20`30 82 99 44,900 \33,675
Debut on
Mar 16'
25-425EK 4.25 4 121 370 2.2
22.0 20`30 82 99 46,200 \34,650
27-405EK 4.05 4 116 380 2.3
22.0 23`30 82 99 46,200 \34,650
27-425EK 4.25 4 121 400 2.3
22.0 23`30 82 99 48,000 \36,000
30-405EK 4.05 4 116 400 2.5
22.0 25`35 82 99 48,000 \36,000
30-425EK 4.25 4 121 425 2.5
22.0 25`35 84 99 49,500 \37,125
33-405EK 4.05 4 116 450 2.7
23.7 27`35 84 99 49,500 \37,125
33-425EK 4.25 4 121 455 2.7
23.7 27`35 86 99 53,000 \39,750
35-405EK 4.05 4 116 475 2.9
23.7 30`40 86 99 53,000 \39,750
35-425EK 4.25 4 121 490 2.9
23.7 30`40 88 99 56,000 \42,000
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