DEBUT on May 18'

Daiwa  SHORECAST SS 4500

Compact car creatures extinct entry model to shoot various targets.
Aluminum spool, real handle with the aluminum handle Rei cage far reclaim.
Basic performance such as cross lap and thread drop prevention mechanism is also enriched.

¡Lightweight compact with 25 mm stroke
Adopted aluminum material for the body, realizing comfortable winding comfort. Supporting comfortable throwing fishing
with a compact size body unique to 25 mm stroke.
¡"Falling prevention mechanism" mounted
Short skirt spool with many line troubles has its own thread drop-off suppression mechanism.
Suppress penetration to the main shaft.
¡Aluminum handle & power T knob installed
It is safe even if an unexpected big thing hangs. Aluminum handle, power T knob mounted, real winding realized.
¡Expansion from 4000 to 5000
Line capacity design corresponding to nylon and PE.
¡Gear ratio 4.6 achieves comfortable winding length


Function, specifications Characteristic

DS4 (Body /
Rotor Material)
Fiber reinforced special plastic reinforced only by Daiwa's original technology.

Folding type aluminum machine cut handle High rigidity machine cut handle giving a sense of stable winding up. Folding type with excellent portability.

Cross lap By adopting a cheese winding method with a large winding angle, a method of winding up by crossing in order to prevent biting into the spool winding part and deviation of the yarn. The reduction of line trouble is remarkable especially when thin threads and PE line are used, and realizing comfortable flight at the same time.

Twistbuster II By tapering the line roller and rolling the line, yarn offset caused by rotor rotation is offset. The yarn which was said to be the fate of the spinning reel was solved considerably. Dramatically reduce line trouble, realize comfortable fishing.

Shower cleaning possible Can be washed with running water. (Maintenance according to the instruction manual is required after cleaning)

Infinite stopper A stopper that instantaneously stops the reversal of the reel with the frictional force of the roller. It brings a comfortable operation feeling with tight feeling without play and play. Double stopper system combined with mechanical ratchet type stopper.

New thread drop prevention mechanism Suppresses the trouble that the line falls from the spool and is caught between the spool and the rotor.

CRBB number / total BB number 0 / 1

Max Drag
Line Capacity
Nylon Line(lb-m)
Line Per
Bearing Catalog
Ball Roller
4000 4.6 550 9 20lb-200m
94 1 1 8,000 \5,760
4500 4.6 545 9 22lb-200m
94 1 1 8,300 \5,976
5000 4.6 550 9 25lb-200m 94 1 1 8,600 \6,192
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