DEBUT on Mar 18'
Salt compatible



"Winding" changes. New born RYOGA of "DR design" realizing "fishing" was born.

Rough and tougher RYOGA is born again. Ultrahigh rigidity unique to RYOGA High precision machine cut A new metal housing that can be gently squeezed by applying its own precision machine cut to a super metal housing, pursuing a periming performance. And, winding sensitivity exceeding the fishing till now. Even obstacles in the water are clearly transmitted, even a story that captures the big bus is realized. That is "DR (Detective Rotation)" design of a new design philosophy pursuing "winding" sensitivity. The crazy crank model that is perfect for scrolling is the real value of the newborn RYOGA. Furthermore, it adopts mug shield ball bearing to protect from rust, and ATD (with click sound). Here is the cutting edge of the DAIWA round reel that also accommodates salt.

Specification details

Zero Adjuster
The mechanical brake no longer regulates the backlash of the spool and it is not necessary to adjust again. The optimal braking force for each lure used was possible only by adjusting the mug dial.
High grip | shape light knob
New shape high grip I shape light knob. It was developed to seek a grip feeling that gets thinner and sucks on your fingers.
* 1520 series equipped with first high grip I shape power knob
G1MAG FORCE Z SPOOL made by duralumin
Ultra lightweight and ultrahigh precision "G1 duralumin made Mag Force Z" spool which is finally loaded in the newborn RYOGA keeps high rotation and leads to the latter half growth. The growth of low trajectory at pitching is also excellent.


The biggest merit that Daiwa's waterproof and durable technology "Magshield Ball Bearing" brings is to remarkably eliminate rust and noise of ball bearings and to maintain initial performance over a long period of time. Not limited to reel, approximately every ball bearing is used for a certain period, the rotation performance deteriorates due to wear of the ball. However, conventional reel ball bearings often failed to be used due to salt garbage and rust before the ball worn. This changes completely with the mug shield. Even without maintenance, ball bearings will be able to fulfill "original life expectancy". In addition, since the mug shield ball bearing is a non-contact structure in which a mild oil fills a slight clearance between the inner ring and the electrode plate, the rotational resistance is originally very small. When compared to bearings using rubber packing inside for waterproofing, the difference in their rotational feel is clear. Smooth rotation with zero friction zero is kept surprisingly long without special care. It goes without saying how epauque this is.

A new-dimension gear and housing system born against Daiwa's robust gear material and the surplus durability brought by full super metal housing support In order to secure gear meshing 1.5 times more than before Succeeding. Improvement of meshing also leads to improvement of durability, hands to be paired even with rolled goods with load can be grasped without force and smooth and light handling becomes possible.

ATD (Automatic drag system)
A new generation drag system that operates smoothly in accordance with the fish pull and keeps working smoothly. For small spinning and electric reels, we pursue sliding and follow-up. In large spinning such as Soltiga, setting to suppress the decrease of drag force during fighting. Both were developed with the goal of being able to concentrate on the fight without worrying about the drag setting.
A brake system that stretches to apply brakes only in the backlash zone in the first half of casting and to lower the brake in the second half by the function of an induction rotor that slides smoothly with centrifugal force according to the number of revolutions of the spool.
The spool is only supported by the BB.The extra resistance becomes zero by the shaftless, and the ideal spool rotation is obtained.

Max Drag
Line Capacity
Nylon Line(lb-m)
PE Line (PE-m)
Line Per
Bearing Catalog
Ball Roller
1016-CC 5.4 255 6 16lb-100m
PE 1.5-200m
57 12 1 56,000 \45,360
1016L-CC 5.4 255 6 16lb-100m
PE 1.5-200m
57 12 1 56,000 \45,360
1016H 6.3 255 6 16lb-100m
PE 1.5-200m
67 12 1 56,000 \45,360
1016HL 6.3 255 6 16lb-100m
PE 1.5-200m
67 12 1 56,000 \45,360
1520-CC 5.4 270 6 20lb-100m
PE 2-230m
61 12 1 56,500 \45,765
1520L-CC 5.4 270 6 20lb-100m
PE 2-230m
61 12 1 56,500 \45,765
1520H 6.3 270 6 20lb-100m
PE 2-230m
71 12 1 56,500 \45,765
1520HL 6.3 270 6 20lb-100m
PE 2-230m
71 12 1 56,500 \45,765
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