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Light tackle pioneers new sensory basket fishing. Light weight and compact

Popular short stroke basket reel has been renewed with a new thread drop prevention mechanism.
With power T knob mounted, powerful winding is possible even with interaction with red sea bream and small blues.
Furthermore, it is safe to exchange with large items with "ATD" installed.

¡ZAION body ~ 25 mm stroke
Adopted ZAION for the body, weight reduction of the whole body.
Weight reduction of the spool which greatly affects tackle balance as well.
Supporting comfortable throwing fishing with a compact surf reel unique to 25 mm stroke.
¡Equipped with a new type of thread drop prevention mechanism (further evolved from conventional mechanism)
Short skirt spool with many line troubles has its own thread drop-off suppression mechanism.
Suppress penetration to the main shaft. When thread dropout occurs, adopt a structure wrapped around a spool.
It was possible to relax and drag out the drag while maintaining the closed veil, and the trouble recovery was improved.
¦ Note: If you can not recover by the above method, remove the spool and release the line entanglement.
¡Spool compatibility
"Spool compatibility" which is cited as an advantage also in Daiwa Cago Reel.
Spot compatibility is an indispensable function because main line exchange is performed frequently according
to circumstances in battle far drive.
* It is in a state where compatibility was partially retained by installing a new type thread drop prevention mechanism.


Daiwa's own waterproof structure that shuts out invasion of seawater and dust by making a
wall of magnetic oil in the gap between the body and rotor. Since the body and rotor arecontactless, keep the initial smooth rotation performance for a long period, while keeping lightand smooth rotation. Many causes of rotation abnormal sounds, invasion of salt garbage andforeign matter. Except for the case where it falls into water too much, the rotation abnormalsound generation rate of the mag shielded reel has drastically decreased. Moreover, this ratiois appearing in the data as a bigger difference as time passes. This means that the longer youuse it, the better its effect will be. That is, it is a proof that the dustproof and waterproofingcapability of the magshield is at a very high level.
¡ATD (Automatic drag system)
A new generation drag system that keeps on working while smoothly following
the fish pull. It is harder to break a line because it is smooth than
before, and it is hard to make a fish run unnecessarily because it is hard
to give a sense of incompatibility. In addition, there is a unique
stickiness in the feeling of operation, even with a low drag setting value
runs at a stroke decreasing, the frequency of drag recalibration during
fight decreases and you can concentrate on fighting.
.An air rotor with an epoch-making structure which should also be called a
"rotor revolution". Due to the optimal rim structure, the load is dispersed
to improve rotor durability. As a result, we achieved about 15% lighter
weight at the same strength at the same time. By improving the rotor balance
also contributes to further improvement of the rotation feeling. Daiwa's
original "DS5 (Reel special fiber reinforced special plastic)" is adopted as
a material.
It is a carbon resin woven with carbon fiber at high density, light and
strong, and has a characteristic of being more resistant to corrosion.
Material that enabled impossibility to exceed magnesium by weight ratio
strength. It is adopted as a main part such as a body and rotor, and
contributes to the realization of a trade-off of high rigidity and light
Daiwa's original digital design technology "Digi Gear" evolved further. In
order to realize the ideal tooth surface derived by digital analysis, we
adopted super high precision machine cutting technology and realized tooth
surface accuracy several times or more than forged gear. Improved durability
by applying a special lapping process to the drive gear and taking the
optimal balance between the pinion gear and the drive gear.

The specifications details

Function, specifications Characteristic

DS5 (rotormaterial) Fiber reinforced special plastic reinforced only by Daiwa's original technology.

Folding type aluminum machine cut handle High rigidity machine cut handle giving a sense of stable winding up. Folding type with excellent portability.

Cross lap By adopting a cheese winding method with a large winding angle, a method of winding up by crossing in order to prevent biting into the spool winding part and deviation of the yarn. The reduction of line trouble is remarkable especially when thin threads and PE line are used, and realizing comfortable flight at the same time.

Air bail Due to the smooth bale shape without convex and concave sent out so that the line flows to the line roller, the thread rubbing trouble dramatically decreases. Furthermore, by making it hollow structure, we realized a greatincrease in strength without changing weight.

Twistbuster II By tapering the line roller and rolling the line, yarn offset caused by rotor rotation is offset. The yarn which was said to be the fate of the spinning reel was solved considerably. Dramatically reduce line trouble, realize comfortable fishing.

Shower cleaning possible Can be washed with running water. (Maintenance according to the instruction manual is required after cleaning)

Cast lock manual return Opening the bale at casting locks the rotor rotation, preventing unexpected bounce inversion during casting. In consideration of safety, the veil is a manual return method that returns manually.

New thread drop prevention mechanism Suppresses the trouble that the line falls from the spool and is caught between the spool and the rotor.

CRBB number / total BB number 0 / 1

Max Drag
Line Capacity
Nylon Line(lb-m)
PE Line (PE-m)
Line Per
Bearing Catalog
Ball Roller
4500 ENTO 4.7 430 12 22lb-200m

PE 4-250m
PE 5-170m
96 6 1 24,500 \19,845
5000 ENTO 4.7 430 12 30lb-200m

PE 4-350m
PE 5-240m
96 6 1 25,000 \20,250
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