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Daiwa  KOHGA EX 2508RPE-H

Tenya Casting Spinning dedicated to Angler who enjoys Tyraba

Equipped with mag shield for main shaft and line roller, and mug shield ball
bearing on both drive gear shafts, rotation performance is also improved by
installing super lightweight air rotor as well as waterproof and durability.
Equipped with ATD (automatic drag system) that keeps working smoothly while following pull of fish. And for long-awaited casting Tyraba, a low gear
model, 2510 RPE also line up. Red Fang flagship model that is perfect for
anglers who want to have fun of red sea bream game.


Daiwa's waterproof and durable technology that shuts out the invasion of substances such as water, salt and sand, which is the biggest factor of the decline in reel performance, with the wall of magnetic oil and maintains the reel's rotation performance in its initial state. Furthermore, "Mag Shield Ball Bearing" which applied the technology to the ball bearing which is the essential part of the rotational performance is mounted on both ends of the
drive gear. No matter how excellent rotation performance it is, it will be meaningless unless it lasts long. The advantage that the initial performance lasts for a long period of time is that the more you use it in the harsh Saltwater scene for Lille, the longer the longer you hold it, the stronger you will feel.
An air rotor with a structure to say also as a rotor revolution. By
distributing the load with an optimal rim structure of a unique shape, it
realizes substantial weight saving with the same strength as before. Rotor
balance is also improved, resulting in good rotation of response.
.A new generation drag system that keeps on working while smoothly following
the fish pull. It is harder to break a line because it is smooth than
before, and it is hard to make a fish run unnecessarily because it is hard
to give a sense of incompatibility. In addition, there is a unique
stickiness in the feeling of operation, even with a low drag setting value,
running at a stroke decreases, the frequency of drag recalibration during
fight decreases and you can concentrate on fighting.
”ZAION (Zion) body
It is a carbon resin woven with carbon fiber at high density, making it
impossible to exceed magnesium by weight strength. It is adopted as the main
part of the reel taking advantage of the ideal characteristic that it is
high rigidity and light weight, and furthermore it is resistant to
corrosion, unlike metals.

The specifications details

Function, specifications Characteristic

Super Metal Body Daiwa's own special aluminum material with high rigidity. Because the outside is solid, the engagement of the internal gear does not go wrong. Prevents twisting and strain at high load, smooth rotation, strong winding
force, high durability.

Aluminum spool .Lightweight and rigid metal spool.

Aluminum machine cut handle High rigidity machine cut handle giving a sense of stable winding up.

Machine cut Digi gear Daiwa's proprietary digital design technology and ultra-duralumin forging machine cut digi gear by high precision machine cutting process produces a smooth and powerful retrieve feeling.

Linear shaft The structure that supports the main shaft and the pinion gear independently eliminates the frictional resistance between them and reduces the power loss to the limit even during winding at high load.

ABS ‡U A spool structure in which the line is released without trouble, and the
flight distance extends. By making the winding surface inversely tapered
with a large diameter, the line ahead of the spool is hard to be pushed out,
the line trouble starting with the backlash drastically decreases. Large
caliber spool also contributes to improve winding speed and drag
performance. ABS II reviews the shape of the spool ring and reduces
resistance during casting. More far distance performance is increasing.

Cross lap By adopting a cheese winding method with a large winding angle, a method of
winding up by crossing in order to prevent biting into the spool winding
part and deviation of the yarn. The reduction of line trouble is remarkable
especially when thin threads and PE line are used, and realizing comfortable
flight at the same time.

Air bail Bale shape which drastically reduces trouble of thread entanglement by
sending thread so as to flow to the line roller. Furthermore, by making it
hollow structure, we realized a great increase in strength without changing weight.

Twistbuster II Structure which greatly eliminated yarn sticking caused by roller rotation
which was said to be fate of spinning reel by rolling thread by tapering
line roller

Line roller BB ( 2 BB) By installing ball bearings in the line roller part, it contributes to
further improvement of feeling of rotation and reduction of yarn strain.

Rotor brakes Mechanism to prevent the unexpected veil return marks
by a steering wheel working by the shock in the cast
by braking the turn of the rotor at the time of veil opening.

Real Infinite Stopper Mechanism that eliminates backlash of the rotor handle by the special
one-way clutch inside the body, enabling tight and highly accurate winding up.

Shower cleaning possible Can be washed with running water. (Maintenance according to the instruction
manual is required after cleaning)

Max Drag
Line Capacity
PE Line (PE-m)
Line Per
Bearing Catalog
Ball Roller
2508RPE-H 5.6 255 7 PE 0.8-120m
PE 1-140m
84 11 1 51,000 \42,330
2510RPE 4.8 250 7 PE 1-200m
PE 1.5-150m
72 11 1 51,000 \42,330
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