2018.Mar DEBUT
Daiwa  GRANDSURF 25 06PE Daiwa  GRANDSURF 25 15PE

"Shoot down" Lightweight compact 25mm stroke far speculation

Multi-function compact machine such as waterproof / durable technology "Magshield", air rotor which realized light rotation with good response. Adopting a new open face spool, it realizes substantial weight saving. Excellent compatibility with short rods. It is also the true value of light tackle that you can experience direct siraghish 's fish trust. Revised spool and line guard shape, renewed "thread drop prevention mechanism". It is hard to slip and features a high grip T-shape large knob that fits naturally.

Only for throwing fishing. It is an extremely special spinning reel that has refined material engineering and has studied the ultimate form of lightness and flight distance. It has a wide caliber and a unique spool shape which is inclined forward to give a flight distance, and its spool protrudes more to reduce the load of line discharge and earn stroke amount. At the same time, it was also a genre that was questioned about the technique of devising countermeasures against moisture and salt that intruded into the interior of the engine, which was considerably lighter weight, body and body. Under the circumstances it is not an exaggeration to say that the equipment of "Magshield" which was included as a "waterproof / dustproof" wall today was born of revolutionary progress in this genre. The center of "MagShield" set so as to surround the inside of the rotor is "Maguile" which has the characteristic of reacting to magnetic force, born from the shield technology of space suit. Smoothness due to the oil throws, surges (explores), winds while sustaining a sense of rotation with zero friction. The fact that the oil film made of "Maguil" continues to protect seawater and dust penetrating into the engine inside the rotor, which continues to wrap around the steering wheel at all times. It defends the inside with the goal of universality. As casters elder brothers roll, they should be able to experience the degree of their ability enough to wield them if used
”Air rotor
An air rotor with an epoch-making structure which should also be called a "rotor revolution". Due to the optimal rim structure, the load is dispersed to improve rotor durability. As a result, we achieved about 15% lighter weight at the same strength at the same time. By improving the rotor balance also contributes to further improvement of the rotation feeling. Daiwa's original "DS5 (Reel special fiber reinforced special plastic)" is adopted as a material

It is a carbon resin woven with carbon fiber at high density, light and strong, and has a characteristic of being more resistant to corrosion. Material that enabled impossibility to exceed magnesium by weight ratio strength. It is adopted as a main part such as a body and rotor, and
contributes to the realization of a trade-off of high rigidity and light weight.
Daiwa's original digital design technology "Digi Gear" evolved further. In order to realize the ideal tooth surface derived by digital analysis, we adopted super high precision machine cutting technology and realized tooth surface accuracy several times or more than forged gear. Improved durability by applying a special lapping process to the drive gear and taking the optimal balance between the pinion gear and the drive gear.
Max Drag
Line Capacity
PE Line (m)
Line Per
Bearing Catalog
Ball Roller

08PE 4.7 380 8 PE 0.6-250m
PE 0.8-200m
94 6 1 26,000 \21,060

15PE 4.7 380 8 PE 1.5-200m
PE 2-150m
94 6 1 26,000 \21,060

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