2016.03 DEBUT

Plane for exclusive use of high value EGIng of basic performance enhancement
A basic model of exclusive brand "EMERALDAS" which continues always leading the world of EGIng.
I poured "mug shielding" "ATD" that was Daiwa's original advanced technology generously and aimed at the improvement of basic performance to be able to enjoy EGIng comfortably. The appearance pursues a simple beautility in a basic tone emerald green and
the black which are symbol color. Not to mention it is the model who is most suitable for the one that wants to begin EGIng
from now on. The size is a lineup in 4 items which added a double steering wheel model to normal gear and each
of high gear specifications with 2508 that it is easy to use most in total.

Daiwa's original waterproof structure to shut out invasions such as seawater or the dust by making a wall of the oil with magnetism in the gap of a body and the rotor. Because a body and a rotor are no points of contact, the slightly fluent turn just maintains early rotary performance for a long term. Most of causes of the rotary abnormal noise are the invasions of salt , the alien substance. Except the cases which a mistake drops in water, the rotary abnormal noise incidence of the reel mounted with a mug shield largely decreases. Besides, this ratio is appearing for the data for a bigger difference so as to pass if time passes. The effect being shown more as much as this is long and uses it. In other words, it is the proof of there being ability for protection against dust, waterproofing of the mug shield in a very high level.
New generation Drag System which continues working while following a pull of AORIIKA smoothly. Conventionally, because a start is smooth, a line is hard to break through and rarely lets you act violently idly because it is hard to give a cuttlefish a sense of incongruity. In addition, it decreases that a feeling of operation includes unique tenacity and is run in the low Drag set point at a stretch and the frequency of fight Drag readjustments decreases and can concentrate on fight.
ĦAir rotor
Daiwa's original rotor which realized large lightweighting at the strength that was equal to before by scattering load by the most suitable rim structure of the specific shape. The rotor balance improves, too, and get an illusion if is smooth in what play by inertia;, not an impracticable turn, a response well, so to speak, reacts to own will instantly.
Daiwa's original digital design technology "DIGIGEAR" evolves more. I adopt a super highly precise machine cut technology to realize an ideal tooth plane arrived at by digital analysis and realize tooth plane precision more than several times of the forging gear. Make special lapping processing on a drive gear; of a pinion gear and the drive gear the durability improves by keeping the balance ideally.

The specifications details

Function, specifications Characteristic

DS4 (body rotor material) Fiber reinforcement special plastic for exclusive use
of the reel produced in Daiwa's original technique.

Air spool The lightweight and high-stiffness spool
that made metal coating on a resin material.

Aluminum machine cut handle .The stable high-stiffness machine cut handle which rolls it up, and brings a sense.

ABS II The spool structure that a line is released without a trouble,
and a flying distance increases. The line trouble that it is large-diameter,
and the line the spool ahead becomes hard to be pushed by making
a rewind side inversely tapered and did including backlash is a sharp decrease.
The large-diameter spool contributes to rewind speed and Drag performance gain.
I review a spool ring bridge, and ABS II reduces the resistance in the cast.
Long cast performance increases more.

Cross lap A method to cross to prevent the gap of encroaching and the thread
of the line to the spool winding thread region by adopting
the big cloth beating bar method of the winding thread angle,
and to wind off. The realization that the decrease
in line trouble is remarkable when I use fine string in particular
and a PE line, and is comfortable at the same time.

Air veil By the veil shape that is sent off so that a thread flows
to a line roller, a thread-involved trouble decreases sharply.
Furthermore, I realize large strength up without changing
the weight by making a hollow structure

Twistbuster II I offset thread twist occurring by a roller turn by tapering a line roller,
and rolling a thread. Structure to let I largely cancel thread twist said
to be fate of the spinning reel, and a line trouble decrease sharply,
and to support comfortable fishing.

Rotor brakes Mechanism to prevent the unexpected veil return marks
by a steering wheel working by the shock in the cast
by braking the turn of the rotor at the time of veil opening.

Handle knob shape

The type I EVA knob which it is easy to pick up in a
DH (double handle) model at a finger-tip
Round EVA knob to grasp it in a single handle model well,
and to put
Max Drag
Line Capacity
Line Per
Bearing Catalog
Ball Roller
2508PE 4.8 235 7 PE 0.6-190m
PE 0.8-150m
72 6 1 19,500 \14,625
2508PE-DH 4.8 250 7 PE 0.6-190m
PE 0.8-150m
72 6 1 21,500 \16,125
2508PE-H 5.6 235 7 PE 0.6-190m
PE 0.8-150m
84 6 1 19,500 \14,625
2508PE-H-DH 5.6 250 7 PE 0.6-190m
PE 0.8-150m
84 6 1 21,500 \16,125
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