2016.09 DEBUT

Daiwa  BLAST 3500H
Large-scale spinning reel for exclusive use of the off shore lure which the durability,
operability improved more

The high "blast" of the results is equipped with technology of the flagship model
"SALTIGA" concession as the tough machine which is usable by Light JIGGING
casting and a shore casting game of the sea near the shore hard and changes the
model of it. Including Daiwa's original "mug shield letting early rotary performance
last for a long term," rigidity, the durability that an air rotor, a super metal body
bring is equipped with "ATD" (Automatic drag System) having the Drag Washer
constitution that is just equal to SALTIGA, and a sense of stability at the time of
the fight improves more. To play an active part in the wider scene; the 4500.5000
size for the off shore is a lineup, too.

Item lineup

Item Characteristic
3500/3500H The size that is most suitable for Shorejigging, Hira sea bass, a dorado game.
4000/4000H The size that is most suitable for the off shore game which targeted a dorado,
a bonito, medium-sized bluish-skinned fish.
4500/4500H/5000H The size development that there was not to the previous work
which was born to enjoy jigging and the casting game of the off shore.

Waterproofing, a durability technology "mug shield" of Daiwa which shuts
out the invasion of the material such as water, salt, the sand becoming the biggest factor
of the degradation of the reel in a wall of the oil having magnetism, and maintains the turn
performance of the reel as initial state. Furthermore, it is equipped with "the mug shield ball
bearing" which applied the technique to the ball bearing which is the pivot of the rotary
performance on a line roller. If how the superior rotary performance does not last long, there
is not a meaning. The merit that initial performance lasts a long term will be what
I can strongly realize so as to have a long it if it has a long period after
I have it in my hand so as to use it if I use it in the severe off shore scene.
Next-generation Drag System which continues working while following
it for the pull of the fish smoothly. Conventionally, because a start is smooth,
a line is hard to break through and rarely lets you act violently idly
because it is hard to give a fish a sense of incongruity. It is a characteristic
that there are few power changes of the drag set point and can concentrate
on fight without worrying about the drop of the drag power after a fish made
a hit. I can continue using even the situation that a fish of using drag
for in succession makes a hit without setting a drag level again. In other words,
it is drag which "catches a fish fast while drag adjustment during fight
prevents decrease, a line break, and can be crowded".
.An air rotor with the epoch-making structure that should be called "a rotor revolution"
. Because load disperses, the rotor durability is improved by the most suitable rim structure.
As a result, I realize approximately 15% of lightweighting at the equal strength
at the same time. The rotor balance contributes to improvement
of the further rotary feel by improving.

The specifications details

Function, specifications Characteristic

Super metal body The aluminum body specifications that made much of rigidity of the "SALTIGA" concession
which was a flagship. Furthermore, the durability improves by having adopted
high-strength zinc to a gear material.
The solid specifications that were able to be worthy of the hard test for the long term
of the off shore tester formation enough.

DIGIGEAR‡U Daiwa's original digital design technology "DIGIGEAR" evolves more.
I adopt a super highly precise machine cut technology to realize
an ideal tooth plane arrived at by digital analysis and realize tooth plane precision
more than several times of the forging gear. Make special lapping processing on a drive gear;
of a pinion gear and the drive gear the durability improves by keeping the balance ideally.

Aluminum spool .A rigidly lightweight and superior metal spool.

Aluminum machine cut handle The stable high-stiffness machine cut steering wheel which rolls it up,
and brings a sense.

Linear shaft .I get rid of the frictional resistance of both by structure to support
a main shaft and a pinion gear independently, and even rewind
in the high load decreases power loss to the limit.

ABS II The spool structure that a line is released without a trouble,
and a flying distance increases. The line trouble that it is large-diameter,
and the line the spool ahead becomes hard to be pushed by making
a rewind side inversely tapered and did including backlash is a sharp decrease.
In addition, the large-diameter spool that is common sense contributes
to rewind speed and Drag performance gain now. I review a spool ring bridge,
and ABS II reduces the resistance in the cast. Long cast performance increases more

Cross lap A method to cross to prevent the gap of encroaching and the thread
of the line to the spool winding thread region by adopting
the big cloth beating bar method of the winding thread angle,
and to wind off. The realization that the decrease
in line trouble is remarkable when I use fine string in particular
and a PE line, and is comfortable at the same time.

Air veil .By the veil shape that is sent off so that a thread flows
to a line roller, a thread-involved trouble decreases sharply.
Furthermore, I realize large strength up without changing
the weight by making a hollow structure

Twistbuster II I offset thread twist occurring by a roller turn by tapering a line roller,
and rolling a thread. Structure to let I largely cancel thread twist said
to be fate of the spinning reel, and a line trouble decrease sharply,
and to support comfortable fishing.

Line roller BB .I contribute to improvement and thread twist reduction
of the further rotary feeling by putting BB on the line roller part.

Rotor brakes Mechanism to prevent the unexpected veil return marks
by a steering wheel working by the shock in the cast
by braking the turn of the rotor at the time of veil opening.

Max Drag
Line Capacity
Line Per
Bearing Catalog
Ball Roller
3500 4.9 415 8 PE 2-300m
PE 3-200m
83 6 1 28,000 \21,000
3500H 5.7 415 8 PE 2-300m
PE 3-200m
97 6 1 28,000 \21,000
4000 4.9 415 8 PE 2.5-300m
PE 3-250m
87 6 1 28,000 \21,000
4000H 5.7 415 8 PE 2.5-300m
PE 5-250m
101 6 1 28,000 \21,000
4500 4.9 620 15 PE 3-400m
PE 4-300m
94 6 1 32,500 \24,375
4500H 5.7 620 15 PE 3-400m
PE 4-300m
109 6 1 32,500 \24,375
5000H 5.7 630 15 PE 4-400m
PE 5-300m
120 6 1 32,500 \24,375
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