Daiwa  ALPHAS AIR 7.2R Daiwa  ALPHAS AIR 5.8L

The plane third for exclusive use of the Bate finess which it supported salt, and width of the activity spread through more
I play an active part in the air spool deployment made of newly-designed G1 duralumin not to mention fresh water widely
to the lure scene of the sea. The point that it is easy to use from the mild core angler which reviews the gear ratio,
and hits it, and the decorative collar tile characteristics until ...
winding give you it while having the sharp performance as the Bate finess machine,
and is moderate to a beginner is a good point. Bate finess reel of the good balance that
I can cover the fishing of the 6lb. - 12lb. class widely, and the use is wide from to a boat, salt water finess.

AIR spool ( 32mm) made of G1 duralumin
The "G1 duralumin" spool which is material with strength of approximately 1.3 times than extra super duralumin used for a spool as the aluminum-based strongest material made. I thoroughly inspect this material properties proud of strength 2 times as large as magnesium by the CAE strength analysis
of the limit strength simulation system of the spool and realize
the most suitable design.
The light cast feel is right good for the name of "AIR".
Air brake system
The braking system of the feel that there are extremely few backlashes and is superior in Acura sea performance, and stress is free. In combination with lightweight in duct rotor structure and a lightweight spool, the rotary response as the spool unit largely improves. By setting for the synergy with good mug brakes of the work that on & off became clear, brakes work well in FULLCAST, but can fire it by a low trajectory without an in duct rotor jumping out at the time of the low turns such as the pitching. In other words, a spool stands up by the small power slashingly, and lures fly well surprisingly, and brakes suffer tight for the backlash zone occurring by straining adversely even if I do not strain. By a result, brakes setting, pitching and casting bring comfort to be compatible at a high level. (as for the photograph a spool of "the SS air")
.80mm crank steering wheel &ZAION ster drag
Ster drag is a large diameter long arm specification of 30mm. Because the arm tip approaches the reel body, "one hand Fripp" who flips Ster drag with the middle finger, and takes the line slack can perform it easily. ZAION (Zion) of the material exceeds magnesium at weight ratio strength with the carbon resin which carbon fiber was incorporated in densely, and high stiffness and light weight have an ideal characteristic to be strong for corrosion unlike metal more.

The specifications details

Function, specifications Characteristic

Super metal frame Rigidity for the torsion in the Lee ring is high and I decrease power loss and,
with a frame made of super metal (high strength aluminum), enable powerful rewind.

Speed shaft With the structure that a spool and a shaft part are separated in spool-free,
high rotary performance is provided by a shaft reply.

UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drug) I adopt original carbon washer and grease and break off adhering to of the work beginning.
A line begins to slide evenly smoothly if I set it optionally in Ster drag and when
a fish rushed suddenly, I follow it smoothly and prevent a line break.

Drag adjustment click The mechanism that a click sound sounds at the time of Drag adjustment.

Shower washing .Washing in water with the running water is possible.
(the maintenance along the instruction manual including
the oil lubrication is necessary after washing)

Max Drag
Line Capacity
Line Per
Bearing Catalog
Ball Roller
5.8R 5.8 165 4 8Lb - 50m 58 6 1 37,000 \27,750
5.8L 5.8 165 4 8Lb - 50m 58 6 1 37,000 \27,750
7.2R 7.2 165 4 8Lb - 50m 71 6 1 37,000 \27,750
7.2L 7.2 165 4 8Lb - 50m 71 6 1 37,000 \27,750
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